Prepping Your Suitcase

Traveling can be tricky, especially if it’s your first business trip, you have to prepare, create materials, and work out all facets for the purpose of your trip and then on top of everything pack your suitcase! Packing is usually ends up being minute and can be a stressful daunting task! 



In the past, my suitcase seemed to look like the photo above, my room was a disaster, I was stressed out and the suitcase was bursting! One time, I carried on three extra pairs of shoes in my carry-on just because I “needed” them! Needless to say, the shoes weren’t worn and I had to lug all my possessions around the airport, to the hotel and then back home. I vowed that I would not be the unorganized girl in the airport with a cart full of useless luggage again! I went on a mission to find ways to be prepared for the next travel adventure and found these amazing tips! 



Folding chart to fit all your belongings into one suitcase from


Packing lists and guides from



Carry-on regulations from the

Whatever happens during this time, a savvy professional woman is always prepared and organized for the days ahead. Good Luck with your packing and stay tuned for what goes into the suitcase! 




My Beginnings…

Ever since my mother introduced me to the bright lights and busy streets of New York City, I knew it was the place for me. My mother would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My response: “I want to get dressed up in a suit and carry a brief case and walk around in New York City!” My mother would then say,” Well, what would you put in the brief case and where would you be going?” My response: “I don’t know! (giggle and run off to play)” Now this seemed like a completely sensible answer when I was six years-old and it even sounded good (in my head) at times in high school! But when I really sat down to think about it: where was I going and what was I going to be carrying in that brief case and what would I be doing? This all became clear when I discovered Public Relations in College. PR brought me to the Big Apple, making me carry a bazillion items at one time and doing many different tasks in the process! 

Suitcase or Satchel’s mission is to aid the 20 somethings moving into their 30 somethings, in being the best prepared for every occasion while looking absolutely divine. It’s purpose is to provide help with all the tasks of the “On-the-Go” demands of life. It will provide guidance for packing and organizing your business to personal life, while helping you to find the “balance”. Along the way I will be sharing my tips, “Aha” moments, hilariously bad experiences and success stories. 

If you need organizing help read on….if you are always looking for a way to fit those amazing 6th pair of shoes into a suitcase read on…. if you find that you always have to go home before going out please read on… and if you are one of my friends- you better read on! 🙂