Attack the Monster in your Closet!

The time has come for (dundundunn) to attack the monster in you closet, i.e. the copious amounts of clothing, shoes and accessories hidden behind closed doors! Every optimistic organization expert on the topic would say any time you buy an item, take two items out of your closet to be donated or sold. WELL… I tried this method, all I ended up with was an over loaded laundry basket and overloaded garbage bags when I needed the laundry baskets. Before I knew it, my so-called sanctuary started looking like a land fill and “No Body Got Time for THAT!” 

ImageIn my experience, organizing your closet is like detailing your car, either pay someone else to do it  for you or take the time to do it yourself! Since we don’t have Kardashian-sized pay checks that leaves us up to the task! So turn on the music, face reality and get it done.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts while doing your spring closet cleaning:

  • DO take before and after pictures. Taking these pictures and mentally seeing the huge difference you made will boost your confidence and make you feel extremely accomplished! 
  • DON’T get overwhelmed! Tactical the closet by item: shirts, sweaters, shoes, bags, skirts, pants, etc. 
  • DON’T create the “perfect outfit” in your mind for “that shirt” even though its been over two years since you have even seen it!  Take my advice donate it to someone who will love it as much as you did TWO years ago.
  • DO separate you clothing into piles. What is one person’s trash is another’s treasure! Decide what should be donated, sold, and included for a Wine and Swap girl’s night! 
  • DON’T cry! There are plenty of people that need these items more than you!
  • DO call your best friend in while in distress over purging some of your favorite items. If they are a good friend, they will even participate in a moment of silence after being placed in the garbage or donation bin.
  • DO convince your friends to attack their own closet monsters and then plan “Girl’s Wine and Swap night!” Bring all your closet items and swap for things you like! Also, plan ahead for a goodwill truck to pick up all items outside your door in the morning!
  • DO find charities to donate and that are willing to pick up your items from home, so you don’t have a landfill starting in your living room. 


I hope these Do’s and Don’ts were helpful! Please let me know your thoughts, comments, or concerns! Feel free to post your before and afters in the comments section! Happy Spring Cleaning!!